Arts and Commerce College:


Arts and Commerce College: Significance of higher education should be affordable for all the student in the community is the idea behind starting an arts and commerce institution in the campus. By offering graduation courses like BA, B com and language studies in a moral atmosphere with hostel facilities helps the teens to have a better thought about life. Students are given special training in Information Technology and foreign languages to boost up their career focus.

SIGA: SIGA(Sa-adiya Institute of Gulf Accounting) was established under Sa-adiya College of Arts and Commerce. To provide professional accountancy training to all students. It will enable them to work as professional accountants in multi-national companies around the world. At SIGA, special training is provided in leading ERP Software like SAP and other computerized accounting software such as Tally. SIGA is now associated with AICA which is accredited by Dubai Govt: with ISO 9002:2013 certification.