College of Shareea

ShareeA college of Islamic science and language to create a pool of committed da`awa workers was the idea behind Sa-adiya Shareeath College. The life of a leader should be molded with strict spiritual backgrounds and true religious education .Sa-adiya started the college of shareea in July 8th 1979 aiming to provide post graduate level Islamic studies for the religious students of south Indian states. Sa-adiya created thousands of scholars who are empowered to peer into the keyhole of tomorrow and chart a new course of direction for the community in an increasingly fast-evolving world. This institution got affiliations with Al Azhar University of Egypt, Hamdurd University, Aligar Muslim University and Moulana Azad Urdu University etc.

PG Literature.

Jamia sadiyya offers post graduation course in literature which highly reputed in the state. The faculty of this department is fledged with a skilled array of lectures that have the potentiality to lead the students into the vast simultaneously beautiful world of literature. This course attracts hundreds of the student from different parts of the nation and getting skilled thoroughly in the subject.

PG Jurisprudence

Jamia sadiyya has designed very distinctive curriculum for moulding authentic scholars in Islamic jurisprudence. This course constitutes the analysis traditional kitabs of Islamic fiqh as well as the modern issues regarding the Islamic jurisprudence. The most salient feature of this course is the asateeda who are lecturing this course are well known for their scholastic skill in the traditional knowledge of Islamic sciences. The students who have completed this course are relentlessly engaged in the field of Islamic propagation across the nation and proved the value of this course.