SMART (School Of Management and Research Training )

Developing students with moral values, to generate a society to lead backward community a head. SMART Vocation Program includes Study of Quran Recitation,Tajweed,Islamic History, Practical experience of Islamic Prayer & Vuzooh. Spoken Arabic,Urdhu,English,career guidance ,language labs, Pilgrimage to Holly Grave Yards ,etc.One ‘Chalipha ‘ will appointed for leading and guiding the Camp.Every day classes start soon after the Subahi prayer. Students will learn all the necessary ‘Azkaars’ and ‘ virdh’from the Chalipha.He always follow the entire team .The duration of the camp Normally 3 to 4 weeks .Camp ends with parent meeting .Students need to analyze about the camp after the parent session. Students from kerala,karnatak and northern part of the India gathering on SMART Camp.