Noorul Ulama M.A Usthad


Internationally acclaimed Indian sunni scholar and educationist M.A Abdul Khader Musliyar passed away On 17th Feb(Rabiul Akhir 29) Tuesday at his residence Kaikotukadav village near Trikkaripur town in Kerala.

He was a mentor of hundreds of muslim scholars in Kerala coastal Karnataka. He was the President of Samastha Kerala Sunni Jamiyyathul Ulama and Chairman of all India Sunni education board. He was the one of the founders of Jamiya Saadiya Arabiya.   Read More

After completing education M A Usthad served as the Mudarris at Metammal from 1951 to 1973
And then joined Taliparamba Qavvatul Islam educational institution as a Mudarris.
In 1979 he started teaching at Jamiya Sa-adiya Arabia, cofounded by him . Despite his busy
Schedule he continued to teach almost till the end of his life amidst organizational works.
He was one of the pioneers of new Madrasa syllabus in kerala. His thought provoking article
Published in Al-Bayan magazine in 1951 had resulted in the formation of Madrasa Education
Board. In 1947 he became the member of Samastha Kerala Jamiyyatul Ulama.
He was the unanimously selected as the president of the Samastha Kerala Jamiyyatul Ulama
After the demise of Tajul Ulama. He also served as the president of sunni Yuvajana Sangha from
1983 to 95. He was conferred the title of Noorul Ulama by Iraqi Sunni cleric Sabahuddeen Al-Rifayi.
M A Ustad has written several books in Arabic and Malayalam on various aspects of religion
And religious education .


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